Managing and Protecting your Brand

19TH NOV 2014

Last night I attended an amazing event held by The Young Professionals of the New York Urban League at NYU Langon Medical Center. The event was titled “Elevate your Brand: When Doing it for the Vine Goes Wrong”. This panelist event introduced me to five very inspiring young professionals: Ms. Bianca Peart, a sports reporter; Ms. Emmelie De La Cruz, a Personal Branding Strategist and Branding Muse; Ms. Kathy Liautaud, a Publicist / Creative Director; Ms. Tara Dowdell, a Business and Political Strategist and Mr. Cheyenne Bostock, a Life Coach and Matchmaker.

Throughout the event the panelists were asked questions by the host, the audience and the twitterverse (it was a live tweet event). Their responses gave a lot of clarity to this new world of online networking and social media. They spent time “hammering home” some very important ideas for entrepreneurs or individuals trying to improve or protect their brand. Some of the advice included:

Relationship building is an important part of building your brand
Own your successes and accomplishments; do not be afraid to celebrate them
A great brand doesn’t just happen, it’s created
Follow your passion to help create your brand.
You and your brand are one and the same
Be strategic about your brand
If you wouldn’t want your comments to be front page news, you should not post them on social media
People support people that they know, like and trust
Be transparent
Networking should be purposeful.
As a small business consultant these ideas are some of the things that I have been trying to impart on my clients for years. In the small business world, customers mostly support the owner rather than the business itself. Inversely they will also stop supporting the business because of the owner. Therefore it is very important to manage your personal brand as it will have a substantial impact on your business or career.

Janneh Wright, MBA

CEO, JKWRIGHT Consulting

Originally posted on Tumblr November 19, 2014