Should you give back to your community? Do you give back to your community?

I grew up always hating quotes and sayings, but I now understand the power of them. Between my grandmother and mother, quotes were the means that they use to teach me many things. So, when I was asked this question a few weeks ago the first thing that popped up in my head were these three sayings that my grandmother always told me.

1) Lift as you climb: You understand more than anyone else the difficulties that you went through on your journey in life. If you can help someone avoid those difficulties you must. Lend a hand, teach, mentor, do whatever you must to help guide the next generation away from the difficulties you have faced.
2) A rising tide lifts all boats: If you follow the first quote and engrain that theory in those you help, then you will create a tide that helps your community. When we all work together to change the narrative of who we are as a people then we will all benefit from the rewards.
3) We are judged by the worst among us: If we follow the first two quotes and invest time in our community, then we can make the worst of us into someone that will make us proud. Imagine what that will do for our community as a whole. As a people we have never been who we are portrayed to be we must work on changing that perception.
In short, giving back causes a ripple effect that you can not predict, but you can be proud of. We must all strive to create ripple effects in our family, community, neighborhood, city, State, Country, Continent and World.